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IO3 Toolkit is online: Toolkit for body acceptance

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The toolkit for body acceptance is now available on our website!

While IO2 focuses on creating pedagogical tools for prevention, IO3 focuses on pedagogical tools that can be used for youngsters who had experienced body shaming. We delivered a series of arts-based workshops with a core group of young people and developed a toolkit and videos about them.

The toolkit aims at offering youth workers art-based training tools to facilitate their workaround body acceptance for young people from different cultural and social backgrounds.

This book consists of a collection of methodologies developed by all 5 partner organisations. Each one of them developed and implemented 2 methodologies relating to encouraging body acceptance in their own city.

The collection of tools (toolkit and the videos) will hopefully inspire and assist youth workers to develop creative practices, discover strategies to encourage young people to own their bodies, gain awareness of how they are uncomfortable/comfortable within their bodies and encourage body acceptance.

This toolkit includes a guide on how to work with disabled people, looking at ways to create an accessible environment for youth workers and young people alike. The guide includes a terminology list when talking about disability.

Watch the videos and consult the toolkit here!