Intellectural Output #1 – Book on Body Shaming

Intellectual Output #2 – Toolkit for the prevention of Body Shaming

Intellectual Output #1

What does body shaming mean?

This book was produced as part of the “Body Shining” Erasmus plus project, which aims to offer youth workers and young people from different cultural/social backgrounds to raise awareness about the act of body shaming, enabling them to recognize, identify and prevent body shaming.

The book is based on stories – “incidents” – narrated by young people and our joint analysis of these incidents. It is divided into five chapters reflecting the different topics discussed in depth by the partners during the workshops held. 

In the first chapter, MOH analyses body
and fat shame
, while Elan in the second chapter discusses the political body. Thanks to the
contribution of Atypical, we face the topic of disabling bodies and the impact of the attitude.
In the fourth chapter, Animus explain the hate speech phenomenon and the ways it reflects
on the body. Finally, in the last chapter, Smouth talks about the body in the performing arts.

During the workshops held in Bari, Belfast, Larissa, Paris and Sofia, the youngsters had the chance to:

  • explore their own values;
  • gain awareness of men, young with disabilities, migrants, LGBT, and young’s body shaming;
  • gain the capacity to recognize when aesthetics/cultural differences trigger misunderstanding, tensions or conflict;
  • be empowered through their increasing ability to do research, explore their own perceptions and find out more about other people’s attitudes and beliefs;
  • become aware of the interpretations, assumptions, and preconceptions they form about others.

This book is useful for youth workers because it can serve to gain vocabulary used by young people; gain a better capacity to discuss concepts of body shaming and self-esteem and acquire the capacity to connect concepts and discussions to everyday professional challenges.

Finally, this book can be transferred to more formal education settings such as schools where teachers can also benefit from the book for raising awareness about body shaming and preventing it.

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(English Version)

Available in other languages:
Bulgarian, French, Greek and Italian

Intellectual Output #2

Toolkit for the prevention of Body Shaming

This toolkit was produced as part of the “Body Shining” Erasmus+ project. It aims at offering youth workers art-based training tools to facilitate their work concerning body-shaming phenomena among young people from different cultural and social backgrounds.

This book consists of a collection of methodologies developed by all 5 partner organisations. Each organisation developed and implemented 2 methodologies relating to the prevention of body-shaming phenomena in their own city. These workshops took place in Bari, Belfast, Larissa, Paris and Sofia with youth workers and youths participants either together or separately. Each organisation also implemented two methodologies, other than its own, developed by other partner organisations to check their function and potential in different settings.

The following collection of tools, the toolkit and the videos, will hopefully inspire and assist youth workers to bring up and raise awareness about the act of body-shaming in order to prevent such phenomena.

Soon available in Bulgarian, French, Greek and Italian

Theoretical videos

Methodological videos

Tutorials on an art-based practice to prevent body shaming