The partners of this Erasmus+ KA2 – Strategic partnerships project are from Italy, France Greece, UK and Bulgaria. Together we will work on raising awareness on the act of Body-Shaming among youngsters.

MOH Logo

MOH - Mobility Opportunities Hub



MOH – Mobility Opportunities Hub is a sociocultural association in Bari, whose aim is to promote mobility among young people, to create synergies with local and European associations and to trace a link between social and artistic work. Its roots in the city of Bari, in the south of Italy. 

Our goal is both to promote opportunities for youth mobility, encouraging personal and professional growth, and to activate socio-cultural initiatives, in order to bring an added value to the territory. The intent is to encourage local youth to meet young people from other European countries. This encounter with the “other”, experienced as an enrichment, will spontaneously create active participation in civil society, facilitating also a change in the reality in which we live.

Élan interculturel



Élan interculturel is an intercultural organisation, operating since 2008 as a non-profit organisation of public interest. We work with teachers and students, artists, business professionals, health and social workers, to whom we provide intercultural trainings as well as we manage international projects of cooperation. In Élan Interculturel, we are working towards a fair and integrated society where people of different faiths, beliefs and cultures have positive and meaningful relations

For us taking an intercultural impulse is to allow one to notice differences, without freezing them, to be able to appreciate them without forcing them. It is also taking the time to learn how to deal with uncertainty and the novelty of otherness, change. Finally, it is also to take responsibility to make visible and to act against inequalities related to differences in our society, and to better live diversity.

University of Atypical



The University of Atypical is a disabled-led arts charity, taking an empowerment based approach towards supporting disabled and D/deaf people’s involvement in the arts. The organisation specialises in developing and promoting the work of disabled and D/deaf artists and in reaching disabled and D/deaf audiences. Working with all art forms and across all impairments, University of Atypical delivers a year-round programme of exhibitions and events including the annual Bounce Arts Festival, which presents an exciting range of music, theatre, dance and visual arts by disabled and D/deaf artists, alongside family-friendly activities.

Atypical Gallery shows work by disabled and D/deaf visual artists on a year-round basis. The University of Atypical also manages the Ida grant scheme for individual disabled and deaf artists, with funds from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, and the Arts & Disability Equality Charter, which supports venues to be as accessible as possible for disabled and D/deaf audiences and artists.

Synergy of Music Theatre - SMouTh



The Synergy of Music Theatre (SMouTh) is a non-profit organization, created in 2001, by young professional artists in the areas of Theatre, Music, Dance, and Media. In its initial stage, it was an initiative supported by the Municipality of Larissa and later established its independent legal entity in 2004. The primary objectives of SMouTh are: to provide youth and adults opportunities of initiation, training, education, creation, research, and professional issues, in performing and visual arts, and by this process, to reinvent the means of artistic expression and inclusion.

SMouTh plans and implements workshops for various artistic languages (creative writing, music, dance, acting, media, etc), organizes professional and educational performances and cultural productions and is actively involved in several European Projects and Networks (Un-Label, Roots Camp; Roots & Routes International Network, Anna Lindh Foundation, European Music Day).

Animus Association Foundation



Animus Association Foundation (AAF) works in support of survivors of violence. It was founded in 1994 as a women’s non governmental organization with the aim of providing a space, where women and children survivors of violence and families at risk can receive professional help. In 2001 it acquired the status of a public benefit organization.

Animus Association Foundation is the Bulgarian partner and one of the co-founders of “La Strada” International Association for prevention of trafficking in human beings in Central and Eastern Europe. Animus has managed to achieve a widely recognized and strong position as an organization providing professional and high-quality support to victims as well as defending human rights. It is a leading organization in the field of victim support in Bulgaria. Animus clearly declares its position in support of the victims. The staff consists mainly of psychotherapists, psychologists and social workers. The activities are organized in three main areas: rehabilitation Centre, Work in the Community and a Training Centre.